Outsource Your Inbound and Outbound Calls for Everything from Phone Orders to Lead Generation

Voice Teleservices has been helping clients maximize profitability for over a decade. We listen and respond to customers’ needs to help our clients better align their offerings and expectations. We handle sales, customer service, retention, and event scheduling and more and act as both consultant and call center agency. We have experience in the telecommunication, pharmaceutical, and restaurant service industries, among others, and have served clients including Pierce, Monster, Snap-On, and more.

  • Promote long term customer loyalty
  • Capture customer insights
  • Acquire and retain more customers
  • 100% US based domestic Call Center
  • 12 plus years of experience
  • Currently serving Pierce Promotions, Red Robin Restaurant, Bruegger’s Bagels, Athenahealth and more!

We’re not just a call center. We’re your voice.

  • "Voice has been an instrumental part in the Catering service channel for PDQ South Florida. The agents are knowledgeable and engage with our guests to provide excellent customer service and support for catering. By partnering with Voice we can receive multiple orders simultaneously across all of our stores. A big win for growing sales!"
    Sabrina Jenkins
  • "We are proud to partner with Voice Teleservices and we feel they are Best In Class in handling our guests needs by mirroring our own company standards and goals.  The level of talent of their team and their continued training they do internally is a testament to their dedication to making sure their clients are happy with their partnership as well. It’s not often that a vendor genuinely strives to be an extension of your brand, and when there is a sales celebration or a WIN, it is exciting that Voice Teleservices team is just as authentically excited as we are and more than anything they helped make that happen!"
    Courtney Smith
    Newk's Eatery
  • Our partnership with Voice Teleservices has helped us grow our sales and guest service. The Voice Teleservices team provides a level of knowledge and service that has been a notable improvement in our sales and the service we provide to our guests.
    Barbara Blackwell
    Director of Catering, Bruegger's Enterprises, Inc.
  • We utilized the services of Voice Teleservices and worked directly with Dave for two years. He was an outstanding partner of ours and his team was instrumental in helping us hit our goals by providing us with qualified leads on a consistent basis.
  • Voice Teleservices started strong for us but they continued to get stronger with each call they made for us.
    Annalee Dolls
  • In just 6 months our leads are converting to sales at a 300% increase and our list to lead conversion has increased 200%.
  • Voice Teleservices learned our product line quickly, they allowed us to delay in-house hiring, and best of all, they got results!
    Solstice Corporation
  • The results speak for themselves.Voice Teleservices helped us reach key decision makers in an extremely efficient fashion.
  • In the end, the proof was in the pudding. Callers routinely gave their experience with Voice Teleservices five out of five marks.
    Pierce Promotions


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