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We support your remote ordering and catering operations with an experienced team of “Virtual Waiter” representatives. We work closely with you to make sure the values of your brand and the unique dining experience you deliver on-site are also delivered over the phone.

For your guests, our remote ordering team is a transparent extension of your restaurant operations. We are the voice of your restaurant, not just a call center.


We manage from a customer and client centric point of view. We work for you and your customers. When they talk to us, we sound like you. You are in control and set the objectives that we manage to on a daily basis.

Performance Transparency

We serve as an extension of your business. We track and measure all the key metrics that align with your business objectives. We partner with you to translate your business requirements into our daily business management protocols. We invite you to visit our call centers as often as you like to meet with staff, provide training, observe calls, and hear the voice of the customer.


We know we’re doing something right when callers arrive at your restaurant, commend the way their order was handled on the phone and expect to meet their Virtual Waiter at the restaurant! When the average value per order on the phone exceeds the average value per order in the restaurant you will see the value of Centralized Services!



  • Your in-restaurant servers can give 100% of their attention to their guests. We will give 100% attention to your telephone guests. Both guests are better served.
  • Let us help grow your catering sales, increase the average value per order and have your customers calling back for more!


  • Voice Teleservices knows what it takes to deliver an exceptional experience for your Catering and To-Go Order customers.
  • We are focused, not rushed. This ensures better order accuracy and higher average order values.
  • No kitchen clatter or background noises. No busy signals during rush hours. Calls are routed to the next available Virtual Waiter.
  • Bigger ticket catering orders can be given priority or routed to a specialty team. You tell us how best to serve your customers!
  • Your restaurant phone numbers are directed to our centralized services team located in Portland, ME and New Gloucester, ME. Our team is 100% USA based.
  • We’re open when your restaurants are open, across time zones.
  • We’re certified:

MMS Catering
Institute™ Industry
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The voice of your business,
not just a call center.

Portland, ME
New Gloucester, ME