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Responsible for the overall business strategy and new business development of Voice Teleservices, David Sawicki is a call center management expert with over 20 years experience managing inbound and outbound call center programs for mid-size and Fortune 500 clients. He has been fortunate to serve world-class companies, including American Express, British Telecom/Cellnet, AT&T, JCPenney, Aegon Financial Services, Pfizer, MetLife, Virgin Mobile, Monster, Acxiom, Xerox, and others.

Over the years, David has established a track record of helping clients maximize productivity and profitability for their call center programs. Prior to founding Voice Teleservices, David held various senior-level positions in the e-commerce, software, customer service and sales industries, having worked for such companies as New England Business Services, Pro CD Software, and Digitas Inc.

David lives in Auburn, Maine, with his wife Diane Beem, a local artist, and their four children. David holds a BA in Psychology from Franklin and Marshall College and an MBA from Boston University.

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“Their expertise in the outbound call space was instrumental in bringing Monster's internal Telemarketing team as well as our outsourced partner to the next level.”