Founder Dave Sawicki

Dave Sawicki

Responsible for the overall business strategy and new business development of Voice Teleservices, Dave Sawicki is a call center management expert with over 25 years experience managing inbound and outbound call center programs for mid-size and Fortune 500 clients. He has been fortunate to serve world-class companies, including American Express, British Telecom/Cellnet, AT&T, JCPenney, Aegon Financial Services, Pfizer, MetLife, Virgin Mobile, Monster, Acxiom, Xerox, and others.

Over the years, Dave has established a track record of helping clients maximize productivity and profitability for their call center programs. Prior to founding Voice Teleservices, Dave held various senior-level positions in the e-commerce, software, customer service and sales industries, having worked for such companies as New England Business Services, Pro CD Software, and Digitas Inc.

. Dave holds a BA in Psychology from Franklin and Marshall College and an MBA from Boston University.

  • Their expertise in the outbound call space was instrumental in bringing Monster's internal Telemarketing team as well as our outsourced partner to the next level.

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