The Proving Ground | Voice Teleservices

The "Proving Ground"

Voice Teleservices: A Proving Ground for Your Campaigns

We know how difficult it is to conduct controlled testing in a high-volume production center. That's why we also offer Voice Teleservices as a call center lab—where you can test your messaging strategy and refine your results to the next level. The Voice Teleservices Proving Ground is perfect for pilot testing new telemarketing programs, or breathing new life into existing campaigns.

  • Voice Teleservices was able to help us quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.... Their expertise in the outbound call space was instrumental in bringing Monster's internal Telemarketing team as well as our outsourced partner to the next level.

How it works

Voice Teleservices Employs a Process of Four Steps

Step 1: Assessment

Review current telemarketing campaign to isolate key improvement opportunities.

  • Scripting and offers
  • List Management
  • Call Center Operations

Step 2: Creation

Develop solution set and test plan. Alternative scripting and call flow logic.

  • Test matrix and volume requirements
  • List selection

Step 3: Activation

Launch and learn. Implement multiple test scripts/offers.

  • Daily tracking reports
  • Agent focus groups
  • Call monitoring

Step 4: Final Analysis

At the end of the process we will deliver a final report of your test results and the performance of each test cell. Your report will include quantitative analysis along with qualitative insights gathered from focus group sessions conducted with our call center agents.

Combined, these insights will identify the winning strategies to boost performance within your production centers. We are also available to help transfer the winning strategy from the Proving Ground to your call center.

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