• Annalee Dolls Testimonials
    Voice Teleservices has worked with Annalee Dolls for several years in our prospecting efforts. Our relationship started when we launched a new and unusual buying program for the industry. VTS had the difficult job of conveying an abstract idea without visual ads. Their huge success was possible because the team continued to look for bright spots within the script until they were able to create a beautiful concept of the program and our product quickly and accurately. Voice Teleservices started strong for us but they continued to get stronger with each call they made for us.
  • Solstice Corporation Testimonials
    Voice Teleservices has been a sales powerhouse for Solstice Corporation. They have done a fine job spearheading several of our telemarketing campaigns. They learned our product line quickly, they allowed us to delay in-house hiring, and best of all, they got results!
  • AdPerk Testimonial
    We engaged Voice Teleservices to recruit advertisers for a Video Rewards program, a feature developed by AdPerk for a major retailers website. Voice Teleservices was challenged with contacting senior brand managers at some of the largest consumer packaged good companies in the U.S. Their sales agents did an excellent job of navigating through various levels of gatekeepers at these Fortune 500 organizations, engaging key decision makers, educating them on the innovative features and benefits of the CVS Video Rewards concept, and converting these contacts into qualified leads for AdPerk.The results speak for themselves. Voice Teleservices helped us reach key decision makers in an extremely efficient fashion.The Voice Teleservices management team played a proactive role in helping us fine tune our call strategy based on the early response to the offer in order to drive high quality leads. Based on our experience I can highly recommend Voice Teleservices for any business seeking a professional grade telemarketing partner to promote their brand and generate new business.
  • The Voice Teleservices realizes it is in the client service business. They exist to produce results for their clients. As experienced call center marketing professionals, the leadership team of Voice is incredibly responsive to the needs and actions required to produce successful operations. It is a rare combination to find hands on call center executives who understand their operation and the operation of the channel well enough to be proactive in ideas for improvement that produce results for clients. Dave and David are involved in the business and they have developed with their staff a “client first” mentality that is critical to identifying and working through issues and challenges.

    As consultants, the Voice management team has worked with many call center providers over the years and they have identified best practices on operations, on-boarding a client and managing a client relationship. Realizing that they must operate as an extension of the business, they operate with the business professionalism a client would expect of an operation team co-located with them.

    The Voice team, after about 30 days of operation spotted trends in data and call dispositions and developed a point of view document on what SmartPack should do to improve customer service and what SmartPack should do to reduce customer service calls. The proactive recommendations actually decreased the billing for Voice, but resulted in an overall improvement of value for the Smart Pack team by helping to avoid/reduce segments of customer service calls.

    The agents are sales and service focused call center professionals. The reps are smart, thinking people and they are a big reason why a client gets more overall value and results by forming a partnership with Voice than working with other firms.

  • From the very beginning, they were extremely dedicated to getting results. Not only was it a pleasure to work with them, but the service was custom-made to fit our needs. As our project evolved, we implemented many changes that they instantaneously incorporated. They achieved results above our expectations and we will definitely continue to work with them in the future.
  • Monster strives to provide its customers with a world class experience. Voice Teleservices was able to help us quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.... Their expertise in the outbound call space was instrumental in bringing Monster's internal Telemarketing team as well as our outsourced partner to the next level. David Sawicki's hands on approach enabled him to quickly assess our organization. He was instrumental in revamping our list and agent reporting process. These reports are used daily for improving rep productivity and to understand list quality and potential. In just 6 months our leads are converting to sales at a 300% increase and our list to lead conversion has increased 200%. We are able to coach our reps much more efficiently and effectively. Voice Teleservices understands the pros and cons of insourcing and outsourcing outbound calling. Our team is effective and successful because of their assistance.
  • Our marketing company, Pierce Promotions, presented Voice Teleservices with a challenge that we believed no conventional call center could meet: Drastically fluctuating, unpredictable volume from callers with detailed questions about multiple programs. Agents had to be knowledgeable and polite, and achieve that difficult balance of being helpful while keeping call-length to a minimum.

    Voice Teleservices, fortunately for us, was no conventional call center. ...they established a model that was able to accommodate the random surges in our call volume, instituted training sessions to see that the agents were always abreast of the newest programs and developments, and kept in regular communication with us to address our needs. In the end, the proof was in the pudding. Callers routinely gave their experience with Voice Teleservices five out of five marks.